About me

No credit taken for the image but the sentiment is supported wholeheartedly

My practice often revolves around Questioning. Questioning ourselves, our automatic thoughts and processes. The overlooked elements of what makes up our lives and our personalities. I feel strongly that the world moves in such a fast paced manner that we are forced to skim read much of our lives. Spending time focusing on who is dating who and if we have the most up to date technology has taken the place of the immediate world. It is very important to focus our consciousness and be mindful of our immediate surrounding, the people we care for and the small things that affect who we are today rather than worrying about what we may have to own tomorrow.

Who we are is affected very much by what we do, so lets take a minute to step back and really be aware of what it is that we are doing right now.

Contact: jessicahollilandartist@gmail.com

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