Observations – Aural; disconnected conversational snippets

Snippets of conversations heard in everyday life are an intriguing insight in to other peoples lives, dramatic, curious and occasionally very humorous. I find myself wondering what the whole conversation was about or the conclusion of their ponderings. This is an evolving archive for these lost conversations, I’ll be updating this daily so please feel free to comment with your own and I can add them to the archive if you wish.

You’re not offended by gay pornography are you?

It was on YouTube, I never seen it but it was so awful. That’s how the police found it

I have a window as well, its very luxurious

we can assess you on a nil income for about 5 weeks but it’ll be a 45 minute wait.

We’re open for Christmas but we have to put trees up or we won’t be open for Christmas.

If its a Jean or a Barbara then its me cousins but I don’t know any Chloe.

Theres loads of people fallen asleep on them sofas, I just gives them a nudge and tells ’em that I’m closing. I figure they musta needed a nap.

Shall we just talk about Farmers weekly?

all she knows if this one foot by two foot tank, she cannot explore.

Its looking fantastic, abso lutley Fan tas tic, its incredible

Why not just Let the dust in?

Stop doing it or I’ll throw you on it!

I don’t want to be friends with the kind of people who shallowly sell their soul for a can of Guinness

I almost clubbed a police man with a hairbrush once

This is where you go for all your needs

a spiked tip and then it was like, Blood Blood Blood!

He’s kinda accustomed to Babbage

he was dancing

No-one cares about that, its so 2 weeks ago!

I cried yesterday because my flatmate sat on my pillow, I got really upset

He’d rather not stay there he’s got working in Truro

When are you moving? Oh I’m probably gonna be in rehab then.

I’m fat because I’ve had 9 kids…you’re not fat you’re proportionally challenged

Yes well we don’t need to crack your head open

It’s not rocking horse science

I went out on friday and I lost me teeth

Pick an orafice

I went to school with Cerys from a young age, about 4.

She hates me because I went to see Bullet for my Valentine on her 18th birthday.

If I’m not there, I’m here.

But maybe she would be all scarred and disfigured, be like some kind of disability

It’d be incredible

Oh my god I love the spice girls, just put loads of fake tan and bronzer on!

You could wear a leotard with that

In Plymouth it rains a lot, that’s a statistic.

Never entirely understood the logic of celebrating the return of a loved one from a war zone…by letting off loud explosions.

My friend used to wear that be delicious in an apple thing and she smelt beautiful

Do babies cry with an accent?

Instagram is just Twitter for people who can’t read

The necklace and earrings was won on a card

and then they walk in, someone who’s never even had a job and you think well that persons done the job

And had the photo with his latvian partner.

Im gonna get a banana.

The minute I left work I felt chilly and it’s just gone downhill from there.

Well why didn’t my venus flytrap gobble ’em all up then?

That’s bloody massive

You’ve had a shave haven’t you.

You could have brought some sausage rolls you know

We need some motivational music like Miley Cyrus’s ‘The climb’

It’s not on the funny shelf is it?

And Jason Statham was kicking Poiret on the floor.

I am wielding a nit comb!!

Its just PMS, your missus is PMS-ey…

I’ve asked the bank about putting a swipe chip thingy in my arm so I can’t lose it

Now get back in and park it properly

Is she a black mushroom? I don’t mean mushroom I mean Muslim.

I don’t think you can beat cheese and tomato sandwiches, they’re lovely aren’t they

Living the dream, how are you?

They said it was an Aphrodite, that’s something that’s both a boy and girl isn’t it?

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2 thoughts on “Observations – Aural; disconnected conversational snippets

  1. Marg Evans says:

    I love the random comments you overhear!

    I’ve got my degree – they’re lucky to have me here.

    That banana doesn’t look too well.

    I lost my shoe on the way in.

    She can just bath the baby with the dog.

    I know I’m better than him, but he’s better than nothing.

    …hit the fence and bounced.

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