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1 year of stitches week 1

I’m going to do this weekly from now on, so here’s a collage of week 1. I wonder how the canvas will keep up or if I’ll have to start a second. 

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1 year of stitches 

Days 5 and 6 #plymouthmakers #textileart #1yearofstitches #craft #1yearofstitches #plymouth  

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1 year of stitches 

Day 4… might need to figure a new way for these blog posts, group them together. I think it’s starting to take shape.

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1 year of stitches

Day 3, my fingers are really sore but don’t feel like I’ve done much…giving up and going back to the sketch book for a bit. Perfected my French knot though…

#1yearofstitches #plymouthmakers #textileart #doodle 

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1 year of stitches 

An incredible global project in its 2nd year, celebrating the art of textile and stitch with a year long project. #1yearofstitches #plymouthmakers #textile

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Free Art Friday Plymouth

Free Art Friday in Plymouth UK RElaunch on the 4th July.

A great idea and a lot of fun, I mean who doesn’t like to find free things? Here are my offerings, I wonder who found them?
Check out the page on Facebook
20140704_090410 4th July RElaunch 4th July RElaunch 4th July RElaunch 20140704_090136 4th July RElaunch 4th July RElaunch
Free Art Friday Plymouth 11th July

Only the 3 drops this time, they were bigger though and 1 of them went on an escalator and I couldn’t get a shot as we whooshed past!

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