Outreach and Schools work

  • St Andrews School, Portrait workshop leader, February 2013.
    One day class workshop on creating portraits to help them with their historical studies project, 2D
  • Peninsula Arts and Plymouth City Gallery, Group workshops for Primary children supporting education for the Peter Randall Page exhibition, March 2014,
    Large scale inclusive workshop day for three separate groups, Visiting the exhibition and then working through Peter Randall Page’s techniques to create a large work in the style of his prints. 2D
  • RESPECT workshops supported by the Racial Equality council more information here,  June-August 2014.
    Assisiting with the creation on large wicker sculptures and smaller works/costumes to be carried by the children in the parade. 3D
  •  Plymouth Marine Academy, Art and Science week, June 2014. Working with large groups of year 8-9 young people to investigate marine biological matters and create both 2D and 3D responses to their findings.
  • Marlborough Primary School, Positive Attitudes Mural, June-August 2014 (images to follow)
    Working with a selection of children from across the school to research, design and composite a large mural designed to help promote a positive attitude to the local area. 2D
  • Stoke Dameral Community college, Creative opportunities exhibition, July 2014.
    Curating and hanging work produced by year 8 Children as part of a schedule of workshops inspiring creative attitudes to learning.



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