Place Markers

This year I have been lucky enough to have made contact with the wonderful people at Plymouth City Library and have been offered the very exciting opportunity to do a residency with them in their historic central branch, Working along side the staff I will create work that reflects the life of the books and the readers involvement with them as both objects and as narratives of an alternate life.

I am currently starting my research by looking at the objects left behind as place markers in library books. Forgotten items that tell us fragments about the previous reader. They prompt querious wonderings such as; Why didn’t they finish the book? What was that receipt for? Who did they see on that train journey? Tiny cracks appear with these items, through which we can peek in to another persons world, a world that is not quite illuminated enough to do anymore than peak our curiosity.

I’ve been working through, I’ve done foreign fiction, teen fiction, romantic fiction, general fiction A through C. I look a little like a crazy person flicking through the books…I remind myself of Johnny 5 from short circuit or perhaps a savant. I’ve had a few secondary revelations as well.
Here are a few sneak peeks at some of the objects I’ve found so far.

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